pátek 25. července 2008

Hello OpenCoffee

Co se děje v celosvětové síti OpenCoffee - pár novinek od Saul Kleina:

Hello OpenCoffee hosts

Wow. There are now over 80 of you all round the world (see www.opencoffeeclub.org) - its pretty amazing how its spread over the last year and we have new locations starting every month.

For those of you who've been hosting an OCC for sometime, you know that we've mentioned on a few occasions that it would be cool to have better communication between groups to better share contacts, learnings and just generally leverage the fact that we are now truly global to take the pulse of the startup community better worldwide.

In this spirit, and since I have been shamefully poor at getting this done, I wanted to introduce Alasdair & Michael who are on the Seedcamp team and are going to help me better administrate and add some value to our Ning network presence at www.opencoffeeclub.org.

Michael & Alasdair will be help me to better figure out best ways we can share between moderators -- ideas in the past have been Facebook group, mailing list etc -- so let us know what you think would work best and who's up for it.

Some great stuff going on by the way, just to highlight a few locations:
I also wanted to let you all know that Seedcamp applications are open at the moment - the deadline for applying is August 10th. We'd really appreciate it if you can spread the word to your local founders who are keen to access the network of mentors, validation and access to capital that Seedcamp provides. There is already some great OCC-Seedcamp action going on in our star early adopters in Ireland :)

We'd also love to invite any of you that would like to come along to Seedcamp week (Sept 15-19th) in London - last year was a blast and it would all the richer for the international perspective you all bring. Please let Michael, Alasdair or Reshma (who runs Seedcamp) know if you'd like to attend.

Thanks again for flying the OCC flag. I hope alls well with you, that you're having a great middle of the year -- who knows if its summer or winter where you are :)


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